Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Happened to A Girl Named Michael?

Where has the time gone?

I knew it had been awhile.

I just did not realize how long it had been since I have written anything.

That might explain that weird frantic unsatisfied feeling I have had recently.  I have been unsettled and frustrated with the world....which are normal feelings for me but have been strangely strong lately.

Today I thought I would share something and discovered I have not written anything since JANUARY!!!

I was a little shocked.

I know how it started I got sick...really sick twice in January. After 2 weeks of laying in bed wondering why I was being punished and plotting my revenge on the nasty little germs that were laying waste to me, I simply fell out of the habit of blogging.

And once the daily habit is gone it becomes a struggle and a nuisance to do it.

I thought about it a number of times (I really did)...I have even had funny things to share. Like planning The Ex-Wife/Friend's wedding and being her Maid of Honor. Or some very yummy recipes. Randoms musings and in case you missed the announcement last December I am engaged so I have a whole wedding to plan and plan and plan.

As the months wore on I got more and more agitated at everyone...I was angry and my Health Nut Sister pointed out often condescending and unkind. I don't like that part of my personality. I work hard on not letting that monster run amok in my life. And one of the ways I do that is be writing...its my outlet, therapy and release.

I also do yoga but haven't been doing that either.

I am back and hoping that this will help with my mental health once again.

My only question is what have you been doing for the last 5 months?


  1. Welcome back!

    Me, well I've been working out. On my 2nd #100DaysOfFitness Challenge. Also planning another Chasing Joy event :-)

  2. Welcome back hon. You sound just like me! I haven't blogged anything since 2012. I got burnt out and just forgot about it for awhile =/ I am trying to make a come back as well. I hope everything works out for you and you get your mojo back.

  3. Good to hear from you, I was wondering what was happening with your blogs. I've been facing the unfortunate need to lose weight, and starting on a very long period of salad and other healthy foods! At least I'm not going back to a slimming club (just blogged about my past experiences - )

    All the best MJ!


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