Friday, July 11, 2014

365 days Until Wedded Bliss

In one year I will be getting married.

That seems like it is forever away and not enough time to plan all at once. To say I am nervous and excited at the same time is an understatement.

Is it strange to be having all these feelings about something so far in the future?  Just yesterday I was fine, I have planned a fun little date for The Fiance and myself but was feeling fairly low key about everything. Then this morning I woke up with a feeling of doom and anticipation.

Its not about planning the event...this is not the first wedding I have planned. Just early this year I planned The Ex-Wife/Friends wedding (I should write about about a good story) It is different planning your own wedding but I have all the details planned out so for the moment I am very relaxed about it.

I get all excited about taking that next step with The Fiance and planning our future together. I imagine the ups the downs and I can't wait.

Then I have that moment of panic. After all I will be 39 when I get married....39! In my 20s I never imagined I would be getting married at 39. I figured I would be married for 6 or 7 years with a few kids by the time 39 rolled around. And in my early 30s I thought settling down in my 40s seemed like a grand idea, anything before 40 seemed to young. there was just so much to do before I got married.

And here I am planning a big fat Greek Welsh Scottish Rock n Roll wedding at 39. Isn't life weird that way? Neither plan worked out exactly like I planned. Although I do have 2 "soon to be" bonus kids and I will just be shy of my 40th birthday. So maybe both my "life plans" worked out just right.

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