Monday, June 21, 2010

Is this LOVE that I am feeling!!!!

I must be in love because I deleted my eHarmony account.

I don't know whats more embarrassing that I am going on and on that I am in love or that I had an eHarmony account.

About 18 months ago some friends helped me set up an eHarmony account. Talk about an undertaking and group effort. Being the only single person in a group of friends who have been married or in a relationship for double digit years, means that when you do something like that it creates a buzz.

I paid for my 3 months and then talked and flirted with a few very nice guys ACROSS the country. But eHarmony could not find anyone within 400 miles that I was compatible with. After my 3 months I didn't renew my membership but would log on on the free communication weekends.

Around September of last year I stopped looking at matches and just deleted all my email reminders eharmony sent me. Until last week when I got an email asking me to sign up again for some cheap price. I decided to log onto my eharmony account and without looking at my matches, deleted my eHarmony account. Now that I am happily involved and eHarmony wasn't working for me.
I decided that it was time for eHarmony to go.

They don't make this an easy processes you have to jump through almost as many hoops to deleted as to create it. I almost felt bad!!!! eHarmony seemed so sad that I found love away from them.


  1. friend's ex husband?!?!?! That's insane... oh wait... I did that... I think it's just fun to make everyone incredibly uncomfortable when they figure out our ridiculous relationship hahaha! Hey at least someone can communicate with him. Not I.

  2. It is fun to watch them squirm

  3. I know... we need to go to a bigger city... we aren't shocking anyone anymore...

  4. Glad you found what you were looking for MJ :)


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