Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ding Dong the Bitch is dead....or Not!!!!!

I have a very big dog...I have a beautiful sweet Rottweiler named Tashi. I love big dogs the bigger the better. I am not a fan of little dogs. I find them yappy and mean. My mom loves small dogs. She has a pain in the ass Yorkshire Terrier, named Zoe, that has a sweet personality but is a horrible dog.

I also have cat named Tigger who only understands she is a cat 50% of the time. The rest of the time she thinks she is a dog. Zoe and Tigger DO NOT like each other. To be honest Tigger could care less about Zoe but Zoe is very concerned with Tigger.

 Last night, in what was, I hope, the turning point in the epic Zoe vs Tigger war, Tigger almost killed Zoe.I am not kidding. Last night as everyone was peacefully watching the news or playing on Facebook (me) Zoe and Tigger got in another skirmish in the kitchen. Shortly after hearing the fight I hear my step-dad saying Zoe is bleeding. My 1st thought was 'I hope Tigger really nailed Zoe. That will teach the dumb ass dog'. I immediately heard my step-dad say again Zoe is bleeding. Immediately followed by my mom "Zoe". I ran into the kitchen to find blood every where (it was a scene any horror movie would be proud to claim) and my mom running in to the bathroom with Zoe. Tigger was sitting under the table licking her paws.

At this point my moms in the bathroom saying shes bleeding from her jugular, my step-dad is looking up the number for the vet and my 7 yr old niece is holding on to me crying. I told my mom get in the car I'll call the vet. At this point my sister shows up and my mom yells at her to move her car. Instead everyone but my niece and I get in my sister's car to go to the vets. After much confusion in which I thought the dumb dog was actually dead they make it to the vets office and call me to meet them there.

I load up my very upset niece and go to the vets office. Were the vet, Dr. Johnson, told us that he has never seen anything like that before and its amazing Zoe is still alive. He said its like a vampire bite Zoe (which is really funny since its my cat that bite her and I do love a good vampire story) and my moms quick thinking saved Zoes life. I use to think my life is dull but weird stuff like this happens to me all the time.


  1. can I just say Amen! to the "little yippy dogs" thing? I can't stand them, if I'm going to be attacked by something (or obversely if I have something protecting me, I want it to make a difference!) I want to be able to feel it, instead of being able to drop kick it across the way!
    Sorry that your mom's dog was "bit by something that looks like a vampire" but that is great! So much for life being mundane.

  2. Isuch a sap! this morning Zoe looked at me all sad and pathetic. So I ended up bringing her to work with me.


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