Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tick Tock Tick Tock

This is going to be one of those over sharing posts.

Today I had an appointment with my gynecologist, just that yearly exam you must endure as a woman. And I must say I like my Dr. He is gentle, kind and most important FAST!!!!!!!! I do love a gynecologist that is Wham! Bam! Your test results will be here in 2 weeks Ma'am!

As he we are talking before the exam he asks if I am married. I of course stated that I am still single. He asks if I am seeing anyone and I say yes I am (I’m sure I will write more about this later). He asks if it serious to which I reply yes it is. He then asks if we are planning on having kids. Hell No!!! Okay I don’t say that I really say No my boyfriend has 2 kids from a previous marriage and I don’t want any. My very kind Dr then says to me “I was wondering if we had any fertility issues we need to talk about. If you want children you don’t have many years left.”

WTF!!!!!! I am only 34years old. Not 44 just 34!!!!! Okay so 35 is only months away but surely I have 10 years before I am “out of time”. Are my ovaries going to shrink? Will my uterus shrivel up from lack of use?

Now not only is my mother and my coworkers telling me I need a baby soon but now my gynecologist is telling me that my biological clock is running, running, running out of time.

I know my doctor was coming from a place of compassion and concern but WTH!!!!


  1. MJ,
    You're not the only person out there that doesn't want kids.... if he's already got them, then don't let your mother, coworkers, and now the Dr. bully you into thinking you have to have a child!!!
    Having babies is a private/personal choice that you and the other person in the relationship get to make. No one else!!

  2. Why is it that in our society people automatically assume that every woman wants to have a kid? I don't understand that. Derek and i just got married a month ago and i get asked all the time "when are you two having kids?" What if we don't want kids (we do but not right now)?!?! I don't understand and frankly i think it is rude that it is anyone's business to assume all women want kids and want them right away.

  3. I think my doctor was coming from a good place. I was just not expecting it

  4. I'm surprised he said that as well, MJ. I mean, he has your medical history, right? So he should know your age. I find that a little inappropriate. But then again, some doctors do seem to be over-opinionated, too.

  5. I am older and you would be surprised at how many women I know who didnt want children then in there 30s couldnt have them because their bio clock had shut down . So your docter was right on in saying what he did.If you dont want kids thats fine because it is a personl decition but it spunds like to me you have a very good docter


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