Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where is Tech Girl when I need her

I work for a small nonprofit organization. With only a few employees employed it means we wear many many hats. I love my job and am always willing to take on a new project or job. But some how one of the hats I wear is the office IT person, web page guru and fix it girl. I'm not sure how this happened. I'm the least mechanically inclined person I know and as for monitoring website and maintaining it I know NOTHING.

Most of what I do is a lot of trial and error and reading the manual to fix it. The one thing I'm good at is acting as administrator for our Facebook page. This is probably due to the endless amounts of time I've waste on Facebook. And if I'm honest a good amount of that time has been at work. So I was very excited when my Director came to me asking me to create the page and to have a reason to be on Facebook even more.

But today we received a donation of some free website survey software so now I'm back to trying to figure out the website and maintaining the website. Last September I was working on this ran into a road block and stopped. As I was planning my attack to working on it again I could not remember what the road block was or if I had ever figured out how to over come it.

So now I'm faced with the reality that I need to start all over again. So if anyone knows anything about Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and wants to come teach me how to use it I will be forever grateful. I can give you volunteer hours and will be more than willing to write a glow letter of recommendation.

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