Monday, June 28, 2010

Lunching w/my BF's exwife!!!

My life is so weird. Stuff happens to me that doesn't happen to other people. And not just once in awhile but all the damn time!!!! I just accept it as every day life but other people tell me its weird. And after enough people tell you that you start to believe it.

Last week I had lunch with my boyfriends ex wife almost every day!!! Some people think this is weird but it was a slow week for both us at work and it worked out that way. I don't mind having lunch with her. She cracks me up and if there is anyone who's life is stranger than mine it might be her. After all its not every woman who will set her friend up with her ex husband. Granted she didn't think it would go any where and imagine her surprise when we hit it off. But we did and now I play a balancing game of dating my friends ex husband.

The strangest part of it all is giving her relationship advice to my boyfriends ex wife. Seriously I'm a relationship idiot!!! Personally I think anyone who listens to me about relationships is a bigger idiot than me. If there is away to ruin a relationship I have done it and probably more than once. Not only do I give her relationship advice on her new BF but I give her advice on communicating and having a better relationship with her ex husband, my BF!!!

Now that I type that it seems really weird. I am giving my boyfriends ex wife advice on how to restore communication in their relationship. See what I mean I am an idiot. People should stop listening to me immediately. Of course she is the only one that does listen to me everyone else knows not to pay any attention to me.


  1. well now I know better!!! Unbelievable, why didn't anyone tell me earlier? I should have known better after Friday and your bf had a hormonal outburst before we even left the house. :P

  2. I mean it was like you were Jim Jones and you talked me into drinking the Kool-Aid. I really was believing for half a minute that I could really get along with the man for a short period of time in the interest of mutual support of the kid... sigh...

  3. Sweetie!!!! He was hormonal???? You crack me up!!!

  4. Ok, I have been slightly (barely noticeably) hormonal the last few days. However, I made one innocent comment and all h*** breaks loose. And by the way... after that, I figured the gloves were off and disregarded your "topics to avoid" list.

  5. You seriously need professional help.


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