Monday, July 12, 2010

My cat is allergic to people

I have the worlds strangest cat!!!! One night about 3 and half years ago on a dark and stormy night I was outside with my dog when I heard a very scarred little meow. I look down and see a very cute little orange kitten wet and very hungry looking. She came right up to me and started rubbing against my leg not the least bit scared of the giant sized dog standing at my side. I picked up the shivering little thing and took her inside. My intentions of course were to keep her over night and then take her to a no kill shelter.

After 3 years she is no longer little, can we say fat cat, and I guess she will not be going to any shelter. But like I said she is a weird cat. I'm not sure she realises she is a cat all the time. She has some very dog like behaviors. For example when I come home she runs up and greets me just like the dog. She drinks out of the toilet (note the dog doesn't even do this) and she thinks she is the guard dog. I have a 93 lbs dog that thinks she is a person and a cat that thinks she is a dog.

Recently I have noticed when she is sleeping she is wheezing like some poor asthmatic kid who just ran a 10K or me if I ran a 10K. I have come to the conclusion in some weird turn of events my cat is allergic to people. I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion but after listening to her wheezing and sneezing around me for months I have decided shes allergic to me. Strangely enough I have a bad cat allergy that she does not affect me at all. If my pets were not weird they would not be my pets.

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