Friday, September 17, 2010

Its a Field Trip

About a month ago I agreed to go to Lagoon with the BF and his kids when his company had there Lagoon Day. Had I known what I was getting myself into I would have said HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!! But you see I don’t have kids so I didn’t realize what a monstrous mistake I was making by saying yes.

Even though we haven’t left for Lagoon yet I already know what’s going to happen: tears, sticky hands and sunburns. I know this because last weekend the "cute" little town I live in celebrated their annual Peach Days Festival and Te BF and I decided to take his kids. They have a 2 hour long parade, booths with all sorts of stuff for sale, yummy food and yes a carnival of rides.

Last Saturday we got up early and went to the parade and then spent 9 hours at the carnival going from ride to ride. Some people will think that it was a good day and that the kids had right on!!!! But in my opinion it was a horrible day of chasing children, running to the port-a-potty and sticky feet (The BFs daughter spilled her soda on my feet). This was not my idea of a successful day all I wanted to do was find a nice shady piece of grass and take a nap. But I didn’t!!! I didn’t even complain about it at all not even when the soda spilled all day my leg and on my feet. I was a trooper and smiled and laughed even though I wanted to find the nearest cliff and walk off of it. But now that we are going on another field trip I really think I am at the end of my rope.

I really think I am too old for this kind of behavior. I can’t be chasing the kids all over a carnival or amusement park. This is for people in their 20s. I want to have kids in my life that you give money to and say meet back here in 3 hours. To me that would be an awesome way to spend the day. But the kids in my life are too young for that, so you can imagine how I am not looking forward to being dragged all over an amusement park with the BF and 2 kids.

Okay I don’t really think I am to old I just think its a lot of hard work to do when your the girlfriend. This is more like step-mom things to do. But that is a whole other can of worms we are not opening this week.


  1. No you are right you are to old.

  2. Must be serious to keep on smiling! :D So, when you head to Lagoon, don't forget the baby wipes (at least any stickiness will be cured quickly).

  3. here here. Don't forget the wipes! Those things are lifesavers!

  4. Now, see, you're lucky to have friends that have kids! I wouldn't have EVER thought of baby wipes! It will be ok. You survived the carnival, you will survive Lagoon. Think of it as a character building exercise...not that you aren't already a character. Maybe the BF & kids need character building. :) Hang in there. You'll be a great step-mom someday. :)

  5. Terri your funny I am sharing that comment with the BF. He will love the part about being a step-mom. And luckily the baby wipes were not needed but I am keeping them handy just in case.


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