Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Books Books and more Books

I recently read a book that had a deep impact on my life and psyche. Not in the way that profanely changes your life and makes you reevaluate the world it was more in the way that it scares you and now you obsessively walk through the house checking all windows and doors and if you see some guy running in the evening and you are alone you run into the house pretending to talk on your cell phone so that he wont want to kidnap you. Yes that's right I read a book and I am now scared of being kidnapped.

I would like to say that this is a rare occurrence. I would like to say that the number of books that have impacted me in this way are few and far between but that would be a great big fat lie. Often I read a book and decide I can do that or it changes my views or it scares me so now I refuse to leave my house in broad day light by myself.

From books I have learned about the past and wondered about the future. I am able to survive a Zombie attack. I can not only solve a crime but possibly commit the perfect murder. I am fully aware of the ups and downs of dating a vampire. Know what to do when the Empire attacks my planet as well as Romulans (that one I may have learned from TV/movies). I can planet a garden and do crafts (things I start but don't finish). I know that pirates are romantic but only if they are hot. I’ve learned partially how to cook from books as well as how to cook on the grill. I've learned about countries I will never visit and historical people long ago dead.

I have a family book group, an online book group okay 3 online groups. I get countless emails and magazines and catalogs regarding books. I buy them new, used, paper and hardback. I listen to them on CD, my Ipod and I am saving for a Kindle. I take books every where I always have a pile from the library, a few in my car, in my purse, on my desk at work.

I like to think I read a variety of different books my favorites are mysteries and paranormal. But I read Romance, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Biography-Autobiography, Westerns, Chick-Lit, Historical and Contemporary fiction, Self-help, Suspense, and True-Crime. I am always making a list of new books to read.

What does this mean to everyone? Nothing unless you are playing a game of trivia and you want me on your team.

Do you have any good book recommendations?

To see a list of books I have read or to see my book reviews please visit my goodreads page

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