Monday, December 6, 2010

Much Ado About Shoes

I have lived in Utah most of my life. When I wasn't in Utah I was in Idaho except for the 19 months I was in Las Vegas. So it's safe to say I know all about snow. After all Utah's snow is so awesome we brag about having the greatest snow on earth and have hosted the Winter Olympics. I even know all about the fun you can have in the snow. I know it's hard to imagine me outside in pleasant conditions let alone on freezing cold days but once upon a time I made snowman, had snowball fights & even took up skiing.

You would think after all the years I have lived in the snowy parts of the world I would wear more practical shoes. But I don't. In fact the only practical shoes I own besides 2 pair of sneakers (one of which are designer sneakers) and the other is a pair of boots my mom gave to me. They were boots my step-dad got my mom and then made sure the were water proof. They were initially suppose to be her hunting boots. (Yes I said hunting, as in going in the mountains and killing wild animals to eat. I have no problems with this I think deer and elk is actually yummy. My objects is being the one to have to go hunting, getting up before the crack of dawn to be in the cold no thank you.) So now that mom cant wear the boots, they are a bit heavy, I have inherited (because rest assured I wouldn't buy them for myself) a pair of completely practical and I suspect steel-toed boots that keep my feet dry but are not very fashionable.

You would think I would wear these boots anytime there is snow or I am doing such things as brushing the 3 inches of snow off my car or walking anywhere in the snowy weather (such as walking from my car to the mall) but I don't. Sometime I wear boots with a 2-3 inch heels when it snows but since I hurt my knee all is I wear is cute little impractical flats. That are very stylish but DO NOT keep my feet dry let alone warm. I often wonder why I don't wear the practical boots and then change into the stylish shoes at work. Maybe one day I will stop wondering and actually do it.


  1. I'n glad that you have them. I didn't stop wearing them because they were heavy. They hurt my legs.

  2. Im sorry they hurt your legs mom.

  3. Ah, the pleasure of wearing cute shoes versus practical ones. This has got to be something which runs deep in female DNA, I tell ya.

    Cute flats are practical... practical enough, right? I mean, how practical does one really need to be? ;p


    p.s. I grew up where it snowed enough each winter that I could ski to school - I loved that!

  4. Stopping by from Chasing Joy's Flashback Friday!! Interesting story. I would think you would wear the boots because of all the snow you guys get but if they are not comfortable for you then it makes since. I do think you should keep them with you just in case you get into a blizzard or something. You can always change into them.

  5. Hey MJ! Stopping by from FBF!!! Oh the practical boots...I have no idea why we do not do these things like wear the boots and change into the cutie pie shoes later...We get and outfit and then look at the boots like hey they are not helping the outfit. We want to be cute not practical but we cant be cute if were not practical...hence frozen wet toes because we were trying to be cute! Keep them handy! Your toes will thank you for it!


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