Friday, December 3, 2010

My Sister is Trying to Kill Me - Day 2, 3, 4

I have been keeping track of how the Green Drink is making me feel but I keep forgetting to post it so I decided to combine the 3 days into 1 post.

  • Day 2 - So I can't decide if I like this drink or not. Its not horrible but its not good. And really should your drink be chewy???? And its really thick I don't think a drink should be thick unless its involves alcohol, a blender and a little umbrella. But that's just me. As for how I feel I'm still a little tired, my knee is killing me as in I can barely walk (thats another post) and I am suffering from a sinus/caffeine headache. Otherwise I feel the same as always.
  • Day 3 - Today I discovered that to make the drink taste good you must add 2 apples and not just one to the Green Drink. I personally think adding sugar would make it taste great but the health nut sister says I can't do that, it would defeat the purpose of the Green Drink. Today I keep belching it was rather gross and then I got the hiccups which was uncomfortable and annoying while I was trying to watch a movie.
  • Day 4 - I have made the Green Drink, DRINKABLE!!! That's right I have learned the secret only add 1 apple and some Nonfat plain Greek Yogurt. It just makes it creamier and slightly pleasant. I have discovered the secret to making it non-chewy. Its all about how you blend it in the blender. You have to add 1 ice cube and a little water and then cut the apple up and push the liquefy button on the blender. Then add another ice cube and some kale and liquefy. Then another ice cube and the Romaine lettuce and liquefy. Then add each of the following 1 at a time and hit that handy dandy liquefy button on the blender....celery, spinach and the Greek Yogurt. The is how you make the Green Drink drinkable. Today I feel I am having a little tummy upset but I'm not sure if this is because I am drinking the Green Drink or if its because I ate at MickeyD's with my niece last night. 
I hope this is what my sister wants but since she never reads my blog I will probably never know.

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