Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Sister is Trying to Kill Me - Day 5, 6 and 7

Mixing up Green Drink!!!
 Day 5 - So just so everyone knows how disgusting the Green Drink is I have included pictures. I made a weekend supply of Green Drink to take to the BF's house this weekend. We will see how well that turns out. So I went to drink the green drink that I pre-mixed for the weekend and it smelled like wilty lettuce. I could barely drink it down. I am not sure how I am going to make premixed Green Drink to take to The BF's house drinkable. It was truly horrible I am grateful the BF and kids were not there to see my choke it down and make a fuss about it. Especially after all the talks I have had with them about eating more vegetables. I don't know if it is making me feel better I still have no energy and my nose is all stuffy. To be honest the stuffy nose has nothing to do with the Green Drink and everything to do with the weather inversion we are experiencing here in northern Utah.
Now I have to drink it!!
Day 6 - Okay to be honest I didn't drink the Green Drink today. It was more than I could bare. I am going to have to figure out how to keep the stuff fresh over the weekend. I am thinking I might freeze it. We will see. I have lost 2 pounds and since I hurt my knee and I am not doing anything that's a freaking miracle. The Health Nut sister says she had come up with a delicious recipe for The Green Drink it involves some V8 Infusion and Honey Greek Yogurt mixed with the vegetables. She is going to mix some up for me tomorrow.
Day 7 - I am so drained today and I have decided it was because I skipped green Drink yesterday. And my sister was right her new recipe was pretty good and slightly chewy. My cousin's new wife told us about a blog with Green Drink recipes. I am going to check it out and let you know if they are any good. In the mean time my knee is feeling better so I am going to start walking and doing yoga again. I figure if I am going to drink something so healthy I might as well make it work for me by getting off my ass and doing something useful.


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