Wednesday, December 1, 2010

School Lunch

Recently my niece had a Bring a Guest to Lunch Day. My sister was unable to attend the lunch and my niece really wanted someone to go with her so she invited me to attend. I would like to point out that I have not eaten school lunch since I was a freshman in High School and my memories of school lunch are not good. I was a very picky eater then and I thought it was all YUCKY. But because it was important to my niece I went to have lunch with her and I paid $3.00 to have this dubious honor of eating a Hamburger or a Haystack. And to be honest I'm not sure what a Haystack is even after I saw it so I choose the Hamburger. My niece has a very cute friend that she is ALWAYS with as much as possible. And her mother "forgot" to sign up for the Bring a Guest to Lunch Day. I think this may have been intentional but I can't say for sure.  So instead of having lunch with one 8 yr old girl I got to have lunch with two 8 year old girls. I am truly blessed or cursed depending on the moment. These two can & do talk a mile a minute & everything is either over exaggerated or followed by giggles. Where do girls learn this behavior? I know she didn't learn it at home although I do remember her mother, my fitness fanatic sister, acting the same way. The lunch ended with my niece and her friend dragging me around the school showing me their art, desks and all their favorite spots in the school.

What does this mean to you....nothing. Unless you think you are a candidate for THE AUNT OF THE YEAR AWARD. In that case nah nah nah I'm so winning it and there's nothing you can do to win cause I ate school lunch.

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