Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh What to Wear

Today started off as an other Wednesday does. Baylei and I getting ready as usual. She told me she didn't want to go to school...I told her I don't want to go t work. What we mean is we don't want to get up.

We did our hair, Baylei got dressed, I put on make-up, Baylei took the dogs out, I got dressed. And as we are heading out the door I got the feelings something wasn't right. I had forgotten to do something important.

So I stood in the kitchen going over everything.
  • Gave Baylei her medicine. Check.
  • Feed the dogs. Check.
  • Put Bosco in the kennel. Check.
  • Brushed teeth. Check.
  • Contacts in. Check.
Then it dawns on me what I forgot. I'm not wearing any underwear!!!!! Seriously I was so busy and so distracted that I forgot to put on underwear.

I think its time for a vacation.


  1. OMH!!! The other day my friend forgot to put on her bra and now you're forgetting your underwear (I'm not even going to BEGIN with the comments on that one!). You people have GOT to be kidding me! I have forgotten a LOT of things in my life but NEVER a bra or underwear!!!! :)

  2. At least you realized it before heading out for the day! Happy SITS day, girl!

  3. That's hilarious! I'm not sure underwear is something I'd forget, although, I've been known to realize after getting to work that I'd forgotten makeup (HORROR!)! Before children, I RARELY left the house without makeup, but it was always a choice except those occasions!

    Happy SITS day!

  4. Hey at least you remembered before you left! LOL!! That is so funny!!! Happy SITS day!

  5. LoL! Oh my that is funny! Did you end up going back to bed after that? :-)

    Happy SITS day from me too! This is only the second one I have participated in and am having fun!

  6. Well that's okay, sometimes panties are overrated, ha!

  7. Ahhh see??!! Your mom was right to worry about underwear!

  8. Haha, it's like the days I forget earrings. Those are the days I feel completely naked.

  9. Oh my! And I thought leaving the house in my slippers was silly!

    Enjoy your SITS day!

    1. I leave with my slippers a lot! It's funny when you realize it..& quite embarrassi

  10. Thanks for the chuckle! Enjoy your SITS day!

  11. lol, thanks for the morning silly!

    Happy SIts Day!

  12. Real life is the best inspiration for writing in the world. People ask me all the time if I'm making things up in my books, even though they're non-fiction. I don't have to, I always say! Real life is interesting enough! Sounds like you feel the same way. Forgotten underwear is funny!

  13. LOL. I love it. I feel better already. Can't wait to read more.

  14. Hilarious...thank heavens for that weird feeling that you forgot something.

  15. LOL too funny. I have ALWAYS told my kids that there are other people like me, that do strange things but they just don't talk about them!! And see, you are proof! There must be more of us, but again, they don't share these things, LOL.

  16. As I get older I find I would rather go without them. I don't necessarily know why one would have to wear them anyway. Except of course during That time of month when they are needed. :D


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