Thursday, March 31, 2011

Whats the World Coming to?

Its really not fair. Not fair at all. I'm so tired of the injustice of it all. I thought there were rules and guidelines. And some sort of natural way of life to it all. I would write a letter but I don't know who I should address it to. Maybe the United Nations.

I'm so tired of having spring time allergies while there is still snow on the ground. Its cruel. At least if it was spring we could enjoy the great outdoors (hahahaha I don't like being outdoors)*. But no we are stuck inside because of the snow and cold weather. Its not even good snow, its wet and slushy. You cant go sledding or build a snow man with that snow (hahahaha like I go outside at all if I can avoid it).

I guess I am just upset about my allergies.

Thanks for reading my tirade.

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