Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Dont have Issues...I have the Whole Subscription

I have been a fairly independent person for a long time or at least I give off that impression. I am very capable and have been taking care of myself and others for a long time. About 5 years ago I realized that while I was independent and not only enjoyed but relished living by myself I am very codependent person. So I do what I always do when I want to solve a problem I bought several books read them, completed the workbooks and really strive to have positive healthy relationships. And I believe The BF and I have this and while we are not perfect we are pretty good.

Recently The BF asked what was the holding me up from moving to Logan all week. And my answer at the time was I haven't had time to move all my stuff to Logan...its just been easier to trickle to Logan rather than to do one big move.

My Monkey and My Tiger
But I don't think that is the real reason....I think that I am still pretty codependent with my family. Specifically my mom, my health nut sister and 2 of my beautiful nieces (I have a 3rd niece who I adore also but she lives in another city and 2 other siblings but they also live in other cities.). To be more specific my 2 very cute nieces.

I see them often mostly because I live in the same house as they do. But even when I didn't live with them I have been a presence in their lives helping to shape them into well adjusted people. Okay maybe well adjusted is a stretch but at least they will be fun. On more than one occasion my sister informs me that one of them has done something just like me. Ashton needs to wear "lippies" (lipstick) whenever possible & Baylei will not vacuum unless she has high heels to wear while doing it.

I am resisting the path my life is moving because they will no longer be a daily part of my life and it makes me sad. And while The BF has 2 great kids that I really like and are lots of fun I have been a almost daily part of these two girls life for the last 4 years. What will I do without My Tiger (Baylei) and My Monkey (Ashton) to bother me, harass me, get into my makeup, drop off at school, take to soccer and get in my way?


  1. You still work by them. You can see them after work and weekends. I'm sure that they will miss you A LOT!

  2. I dont care if they will miss me...I will mis them. lol


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