Monday, April 25, 2011

UGH....I Make my Life Diffucult!!!

This morning as I was getting ready for work and contemplating my day and choice of clothes, I was frustrated more so than usual due to my lack of appropriate foot wear. Since I am now spending half my week in Logan and half my week in Brigham, I have half my clothes and shoes in each location.  

For some reason, I can not imagine why, I have only high heels at my Logan home except for 1 pair of very cute bright pink flats that I unfortunately did not have an outfit to match in Logan. I do have several outfits at my Brigham home. Normally this is not a big deal but since I have a broken toe.

I stop by my private physician's office (I call her mom) to have said little toe tapped up so that it wont throb all day. As I am taking off my measly little 2 inch heels my mom makes a crack about wearing the wrong shoes today. I shrug and say they were the shoes I had available and I have court so I couldn't wear my sneakers. But really should she have been surprised by my choice of foot wear. I have always been a believer in style before comfort.

But maybe just maybe mom was right!!!! And I should have worn different shoes because even though I have been sitting at my desk or in a court room for most the day, my toe is killing me and I am thinking of buying some orthopedic shoes if it will make the pain stop.

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