Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Think my BF is a Girl

Yesterday The BF and I got into a knock down drag out fight. Yes I am being dramatic. No one got hit and we didn’t even raise our voices. But all day we were at war with each other and it wasn’t pretty. Maybe war is to harsh a word it was more like me telling him he is acting like a girl and to man up.

The whole thing started when The BF stated he was cold. And I admit it was chilly the thermostat read 65 degrees Fahrenheit. But cold...I don’t think so. He wanted to turn the furnace on I was adamantly against this. I told him to stop being soft (I sound just like my mother) and to go put more clothes on if he is cold. He seemed pacified for a moment then after dinner he started in again with being cold. The temperature had dropped down to 64 degrees (OMG we will all freeze) and he seemed to thing this was unacceptable. He kept saying my fingers were cold and I kept saying put on some gloves.

Then next thing I know is the furnace is clicking on. I yelled up the stairs are you going through menopause and having hot flashes, he mumbled something that I am sure was not nice but sound like cold hearted...!!! This went on until we went to bed and as soon as he fell asleep I opened the window. He got upset claiming the furnace will not shut off if the window is open and I said if you turn it off you done have to worry about it clicking on at all.

On my commute to work this morning I realized that this will be an on going "disagreement" between us. You know that argument you keeping having over and over and over again. After all I think 68-70 degrees is the perfect temperature and he thinks 77-80 degrees is the perfect temperature.


  1. If being cold makes you a girl, then I'm the man in my family too. ;)

  2. Becca in my world its always my mom and little sister that are cold.

  3. hmmm. you sound like a married couple I know...oh, that's us!!

  4. SSSHH...dont say the M word. The BF will have a stroke...lol

  5. Marriage. Marriage. Marriage. Marriage. Marriage.

    Just kidding. Kent and I have this fight all the time except he wants the house COLD and I want it warm. Guess either way it is a universal problem.

  6. We face the same issues at my house, but I'm the one who's always cold and hubby is always hot. Very common issue I think.


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