Friday, May 27, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

My sister and I are in a custody battle. After living together for a year she has decided that she wants to keep a few things that are mine and I have decided I should have mandatory visitation rights to her girls. But these are minor issue compared to the real fight future of MY cat Tigger.

Seriously we are fighting about who should retain custody of a cat. My cat!!!! Who fights about that? My sister and I do!!!! She doesn't even like my cat. She calls her ugly and an asshole. She says my cat is mean and weird. My nieces are always complaining that Tigger scratched them when they tried to pet her. But now that I am moving and taking her with me, my sister wants to keep her.

I randomly get bizarre texts messages like this: 
  • Tigger needs to live with us. She is happy here.
  • Tigger just told me she doesn’t really like u and wants to stay with me. I think she is at the age where she can decide which parent she wants to live with

 And now she has got my mother to side with her on this matter. My mom keeps saying I worry about Tigger you should leave her with your sister. This is the person who wanted to keep Tigger and after a couple months decided that she didn’t want a cat and told me that I could have her or I could take her to the no kill shelter.
These people are nuts!!

My sister wants Tigger to change and be a more lovey cat and is always making her get out of the bathroom sink. I am the only person who loves and understands Tigger. I am the one who found her one dark and stormy night, I am the one who named her, I am the one who pays her vet bills, I am the one who indulges Tigger's idiosyncrasies, I am the one who always makes sure she is in the house at night, I am the one who buys her favorite treats and lets her eat then out of my hand. Not my sister.

She would probably try and keep Tashi also except Tashi gets depressed and possibly suicidal when I am not around.

I think I need to hire an attorney.


  1. We just got two kittens. Hopefully they won't sleep in the sink. That's just wierd, cute but wierd.

  2. i love your kitteh!! :) cute photo!!

  3. update needed!

    did you get to keep tiger or did he stay with your sister?

    I am catching up... way late from #Commenthour 8/10 ;-)

  4. Yea I just loaded her up and took her with me. She is adjusting well my nieces keep saying we miss Tigger.

  5. Cat attorney -- sounds like a necessary move! :) Found you via Flashback Friday with CreatewithJoy!

  6. She who pays the vet bill owns the cat and retains custody. :-) #FlashbackFriday

  7. Aww, keep her, you take care of her, and pay her vet bills, and It sounds like you already have her, send a text back saying its from Tigger :)

    Stopping by from FBF on Chasing Joy


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