Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who Let the Dogs Out?

My morning usually follow a pattern of hitting the snooze button, getting up, begging my niece to get up, getting ready for work and getting my niece ready for school. With the exception of an 8 year old melt down (which I always tweet about) and me not knowing what to wear our morning rarely change. Today was one of those rare days.

Every morning my niece takes the dogs out but this morning another dog came by the house and the dogs went to say"hi". After some begging Baylei got my dog back in the house but my sister's dog decided to go for a walk/run. Now this dog is about 50lbs over weight and has a bad knee but when he decides to run he runs!!!! My niece ran upstairs to tell me Bosco ran off.

Luckily I was partially dressed and my hair was done. So I grab my car keys and start driving around the neighborhood. After about 10 minutes of going to his usual spots: the church, the park, the canal but he is no where, I decide to drive back to the house. Then I see a big dog on the corner but as I get closer I realize its Tashi not Bosco...WTH!!!! Tashi was safely in the house!!! How did she get out???? I pull up and open the car door and in jumps Tashi. I turn around to drive her home and Tigger is also out of the house. Seriously? I don’t even have makeup on yet and now all the animals are out and running around the neighborhood.

I quickly walk through the house discover the front door is open (Baylei didn’t close it all the way). I lock up and make sure Tashi and Tigger are safe then go back to looking for my sister's dumb dog. After 10 more minutes I tell Baylei we have to stop we are going to be late for school/work. She was so sad I decided to take a round about way home and what do I see running through people’s yards peeing on their flowers....yup Bosco. I pull the car over open the door and Bosco "attempts" to get in my car but he is so fat he can’t make it and I have to lift him up.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and acknowledge that your life is never going to be "normal". Otherwise you would go crazy.

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