Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It that Your Jellybean or My Nail Polish?

The other night I had this conversation with The BF as we lay in bed watching TV. (Yes we are that couple).
  • Me: Are you grapping my ass or looking for a jellybean you lost?
  • The BF: Looking for a jellybean.
  • Me: Okay
  • The BF: I'll grap your ass later.
  • Me: Okay but I am going to paint my toenails so don't bump me.
In our defense those Starbursts Jellybeans are freaking good and my nail polish was all chipped and its finally open toed sandal season.


  1. LOL You always make me laugh. The life saver jelly beans are good too. :-)

  2. lol I'm not a big jelly bean person but i know many people are highly addicted to them, you guys are too funny.

    Stopping by from Chasing Joy's #FBF


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