Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Mom I went Outside...Willingly.

Now that I am almost all moved in and ready to upgrade my cable. I decide that I need to plant flowers at my soon to be new home. Every home needs pretty flowers in the front yards, doesn't it? And we already have a nice stone flower bed all I need to do was pick some flowers to plant.

Being me I wanted a little of every color for my flower bed. And for once in my life I decided to go small. I am very good at starting projects but very bad about finishing them. I didn't want to sink a lot of money into something I was probably going to neglect once I planted them.

After all we have a sprinkler system its not like I have to water the flowers. And if I am honest this is not the first flower bed I have planted.

And a miracle may occur and I decide to weed and care for this flower garden. I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you but it could happen.

If I was a betting woman and I love to gamble, I would bet that this flower bed will end up the responsibility of my 13 year old pseudo step-son. Being the good pseudo step-mom that I am I will pay him to weed and take care of the garden. And since he has a video game addiction I'm betting he will do it.

After all I don't like going outside. No matter what I do I end up sunburned if I go outside in the daylight hours. Although I have found this great organic/homeopathic remedy for sunburns. It really took away the pain and I am not peeling like I normally would.

Is therapeutic grade essential lavender oil. I mix a little with fractionated coconut oil and rub all over the sunburned area and it felt so good. So much better that aloe vera and its not gooey. If you want to know where to get some good stuff let me know I have contacts.

What is the going hourly rate for 13 year old labor? Or do you think I should pay him a fixed rate? He is a teenager and moves at the speed of molasses in January I would hate to be taken to the cleaners just because I like pretty flowers.

I bet I could talk the 6 year old pseudo step-daughter into doing it for free. She loved playing the garden when we planted them. Although she might not be as happy with the project if she has to do it. Maybe for a minimal fee!!!
Now I sounding like the evil pseudo step-mom. That's cool. Just in case I need a back up plan...I wonder what it would take to get The BF to dedicate 10 to 15 minutes a week to weeding my flower bed? It might be best to not ask those kinds of questions, I am sure the answer is not something I want to hear.
 In a moment of true insanity I decided I wanted to plane a small vegetable garden (really small).The kids wanted to plant strawberries, The BF wanted to plant squash and I wanted tomatoes. So we also have a few of each of them. I then ran to the store and bought a book on gardening. I am pretty sure the dogs will end up killing them all so I am not as stressed about taking care of them as I am the flowers.


  1. Lavender oil on sunburns is the BEST! I put some in some aquafor(sp?) and if you can find some not-coated asprin to dissolve and mix in that helps too.

  2. Only one "problem"...strawberries are perrenial and will spread. So...the veggies may have to go someplace else next year! Thanks for the lovely pics. We garden every year, but my foot is preventing me from all of the necessary digging around.


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