Monday, May 9, 2011

My Life Would be Easier if I was a Vampire

This weekend despite being sick I decided to plant flowers, which I am very good at, and plant some vegetables, which I have NEVER done before.

To be honest I waffled a lot about planting flowers this weekend. I had been to the Dr and was sick and placed on antibiotics but The BF talked me into going out saying the sun will be good for and I will get better quicker. I am not sure how he talked me into this but at the time it sounded like a good idea.

I will blog more about my experience gardening tomorrow. Today’s post is all about the sunburn I got because I dared to go out in to the sun.

I am not a sun be honest I am not an outdoor person but I don’t mind venturing out when the lights are out. I don’t hate the sun I have nothing personal against the sun I value all the good things it does for the world what I don’t like is that it will turn me bright red in 5 min.

Despite applying SPF50 sunscreen, waiting the required 30 mins before going out and reapplying the SPF30 sunscreen after 2 hours. I still have bright red shoulders which makes it hard to move.

So you see its not that I dislike the outdoors, it's that the outdoors doesn’t like me.


  1. Oh yeah, there is no question about it, we are definitely related!

  2. Did you read your antibiotic bottles???? Most of them say some type of warning about sunlight?!

  3. I forgot that part Anna until after the fact.


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