Friday, May 6, 2011

You Buy the Condoms, No You Buy the Condoms

Yesterday I woke up very sick. The kind of sick that makes you realise that you need to go to the Dr and get antibiotics no matter how much you hate taking antibiotics. After making the appointment I was talking to The BF and this is the conversation we had:
  • The BF: Are you sure?
  • Me: Sure about what.
  • The BF: You need to go to the Dr and get antibiotics.
  • Me: Yes I am sure  (I may have said this snarkily).
  • The BF: Won't antibiotics interfere with your other medicine?
  • Me: What medicine?
  • The BF: Your birth control.
  • Me: Thats not medicine.
  • The BF: Whatever, wont it interfere with it?
  • Me: Yes
  • The BF: You better get condoms while your at the store.
  • Me: Condoms are your responsibility.
  • The BF: Its your birth control and your antibiotics.
  • Me: I am not buying condoms.
  • The BF: Are you embarrassed to buy them?
  • Me: No. I buy the birth control pills you can buy the condoms
  • The BF: Your the one who handles the birth control.
  • Me: (getting very snarky) I spend $20 every month on birth control. I am not spending any more money if you want to have sex this month I suggestion you go buy some. I am sick and I don't care if we have sex at all this month.
  • The BF: I hope you feel better.
  • Me: I have got to go make some phone calls. Love you
  • The BF: Love you too.
This conversation is brought to you by The National Organization for Dysfunctional Conversations Between Men and Women.


  1. LOL!! At least you are fully aware that antibiotics will interfere with your "other medicine." :D

  2. I hope he buy thoes birght colerd ones .

  3. Rebecca I am aware of that but forgor about the sensitivity to sun.

    Mamita I am hoping for the glow in the dark ones.

  4. Ha!! I am 32 years old and I would be so embarrassed buying condoms...


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