Monday, May 2, 2011

Rommates with Benefits?

With the move in progressing right along, The BF and I had a conversation about household responsibilities and groceries and all that other stuff you talk about when you decided to move in with your boyfriend. During the talk I realized that even though to us we are sharing our lives together to the outside world we are roommates. I can not be covered on his insurance and if anything happens to either one of us the other does not get any insurance or survivor benefits.

This is not some silly decision we made to thumb our noses at the world or a political stance, I don’t have anything against marriage. I don’t care one way or the other if people choose to be married but now I feel like I am going to be punished for not doing it. To The BF and I this is how we are choosing to share our lives.

Of course now I am wondering if I am being overly sensitive.

On the upside no messy divorce is in my future.


  1. I married Robert because I couldn't imagine ever being without him. Because breaking up was not an option. No divorce in my future either. AND(total bummer) I'm still uninsured!

  2. LOL....To be honest I have my own insurance. I think the point I was trying to make was that does my decision to live my life differently diminish the commitment Colby and I have to each other in the eyes of the world.

  3. Wouldn't you be considered common law spouses? In Canada (or Ontario at least) after six months of living in a conjugal relationship, you are legally considered common law spouses. After 90 consecutive days of living in a conjugal relationship I could legally change my last name to take the name of my other half. (not sure if this is Canada wide or just Ontario) My BF/other half and I have been together for 18 yrs, and though I have not taken his name, I could (which would probably make things easier for our kids since they have his last name). I am covered under his benefits, and hypothetically if we separated I would have just as much rights to things as if we were in fact married. I could get half of his pension contributions that were accrued during our relationship, and I could also get Palimony (same as

  4. In Utah for the most part there is no common law marriage. I looked in to and consulted some lawyers on the issue.


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