Saturday, June 18, 2011

Advice from Aunt Michael

This post is dedicated to my nieces and psedo-stepdaughter.

If you only learn a few things from me let these be some of the things.
  1. The right shade of lip gloss turns a bad day into a good day.
  2. When in doubt always add more hair spray.
  3. Have at least 3 pairs of cheap stylish sunglasses.
  4. This is Utah your hair can always be bigger.
  5. Add a scarf. It will make you feel stylish no matter what type of day you are having.


  1. Very important tips for females to learn!

  2. Very cute post. :-)

    found you from #commenthour

  3. Ah yes - good tips, especially #2 :)

  4. Nice... I wear a scarf all the time. I'm feeling better about myself! Thanks. #FBF

    1. I love scarves. One of my nieces has already asked if she can have all my scarves if I die. Its a little morbid but I cant fault her for it...I have some awesome scarves.


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