Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Donna Reed I am Not

Saturday evening my "pseudo" step-son asked me if I would take him to his grandma's house. My first response was Why? And did you ask your dad? His response was Dad said to ask you. My confusion was at an all time high until I asked a few more questions. (He has this sweet and annoying habit of starting a conversation in his head then including you half way through it.) What he meant to say was MJ, (that's what my "pseudo" step-kids call me), MJ will you take us to Grandma's house Monday morning so we don’t have to get up when dad goes to work so we can sleep in cause we are on summer break.

You see this week The BF's ex-wife/my friend/mother to the "pseudo" stepkids is on vacation in Pennsylvania visiting her BF, George Glass. (Anyone know that reference?) And in case you haven’t put the pieces together my 1st full week at my new home and I am playing "pseudo" step-mom 24/7. Not the smartest time to move in I know but I was slow connecting those dots and had already made all the arrangements before I realized she was going to be gone.

Luckily for the kids I had a mom who had to work early and I HATED having to wake up to go to the sitters. So I of course said yes I will take you to Grandmas all week. (Gee I am nice). After all I am use to get kids up in the morning, I have been getting my niece up and ready for school for a few years on and off. And these kids don’t even have to be to school just grandmas. That means all they have to be is dressed and surely that wont take long.

I didn’t factor in to the equation that families are different and kids in the same family are different. So they don’t act the same in the morning. Also I didn't account for getting 2 kids up instead of just the one I was use to getting up. I also failed to factor in a new hair cut but that’s another post.

Without boring you with all the details on Day 1 as we are leaving I notice that the "pseudo" stepdaughter's hair is not brushed. So I grab a brush & quickly fix the problem. But she looks at me a little sad, she knows that I am skilled at doing little girl and was hoping for something beyond a quick brushing. I tell her we will do better tomorrow and rush out the door.

Day 2 the poor thing gets a quick rather sloppy ponytail (this is actually rather pathetic because I am a ponytail expert). Thank God my "pseudo" stepson is 13 and can manage on his own.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to do this all the time. They would look like refugees.


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