Monday, June 6, 2011

A Whole New Outlook

Recently I got bored and decided to take drastic action and my mother is happy to report I didn’t get another tattoo or pierce anything this time. At least not that I am telling her anyway!! This was something I did a number of times in my 20s.

This time I did the mature thing I cut and dyed my hair. Well maybe mature is not the right word but it’s the one I am using. To be honest I am not sure I have ever done anything all that mature. But I like to pretend.

But now I feel like a new woman. What is it about a new do that gives us a little skip in our skip and a hop in our giddy up?

All the sudden I want to exercise!!! Me wanting to exercise may be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Seriously I put on my very cute, very clean and hardly ever worn running shoes and went for a lil jog without anyone pressuring me or from a feeling of quilt because I ate one to many brownies.

Me the person who always says I dint have 30 extra minutes in my day which is a lie but I don’t want to spend my free time doing something I detest: sweating!!! I want to lay around in my pjs eating popcorn and watching history channel or reading a book. But this new hair cut has inspired me to get up and do something. Who know? Now I am all excited to eat and live healthy. I wonder what was in that hair dyes.

It also makes me realize that I am lacking in the leather and metal accessories but I can just go shopping for those.

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