Friday, June 3, 2011

Walking Dead Girl Named Michael

I am not a morning person. According to my mother I never have been and I am betting I never will be a morning person. I don’t like them; they come too early, and if you are the unfortunate person who woke me up God help you and your kin.

I sometime think this is because I don’t sleep well and often suffer from insomnia and I am a girl who needs her 7 - 8 hours of sleep a night. Over the course of my 35 years (mark this day I am admitting my age) I have learned tricks to ensure I get a good night sleep. I have a white noise maker, no caffeine after 5PM, Count to 10 and clear my mind of all thoughts, no starting a new book after 9PM (I regularly ignore this one), have 2 glasses of wine when really get the point.

When all these things don’t work I have one last secret that helps me blankie.

That’s right I have a blankie. It’s the same blankie I have had according to my mom (after all she is the expert about my early years) since I was born. She claims I use to take it every where until one day she explained to me I was a big girl and its time to leave it at home on my bed. This is where it has been ever since. I keep it under my pillow. And when all my other tricks fail I reach under my pillow and run my fingers across my blankie and I am usually asleep in 10 minutes.

Is it normal for a 35 year old (there I go again admitting my age, really mark this day in history) to have a blankie? I don’t know your life so I have no idea. Don’t judge me that's not cool.

Despite all my secret weapons I have not sleep well in 3 days and it is starting to take its toll. My sleep has been restless and I often wake in the night for no reason. This is causing a fair amount of stress and I am getting cranky. I am not nice when I am cranky.

This morning as I lay cursing the early morning sun (why is it so bright so early) it dawned, pun intended, on me why my blankie is not’s not The BF!!! I miss him. Don’t tell him I said that it will make him all cocky and arrogant.

Luckily he doesn’t read my blog.

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