Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Last Night

Tonight is my last night at my sisters. As of Friday I will be all moved out taking everything with me including the cat.

On Tuesday my mom was a little sad when she realized I won’t be spending Tuesday evening with her to watch NCIS and NCIS: Los Angles. We watch it for the same reason; there are hot men. Admittedly we like different men and she doesn’t think Chris O'Donnell is yummy (which is wrong because he so is). To be honest she doesn’t think any of them are yummy but she does think Mark Harmon is good looking. I think they are yummy and would watch no matter what it was about. I told her that I could stay late if I wanted to.

I then started thinking about The BF and that I am having a hard time reconciling my long independent single ways with those of my committed relationship ways. To be honest I don’t have committed relationship ways I am making them up as I go. I have been doing things on my own for awhile and I am use to only thinking about me, me, and me. So the idea of someone waiting at home for me is a little new and weird. I hope I don’t forget he is waiting.

I bet I do.

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  1. NCIS is too important to stop Watching with your mom.


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