Monday, June 13, 2011

A Girl w/out a Niche

Recently I joined a blogging forum/site The SITS Girls. They are all about supporting woman bloggers. And they are amazing, fun, inspiring and all those other good adjectives. Right now they are doing a 30 day challenge to improve your blog and increase your followers. Besides being fun its been very helpful. Recently they have been talking about connecting with other bloggers in your niche. My only problem is I am not sure what my blogging niche is. I have never thought about my blog beyond its all about me, me and me. I do post book reviews does that make my blog a book reviewer blog. I don’t consider myself a book reviewer, I really only include them because they are such a big part of my life.

And now I am a feeling like a square girl in a round life or a round girl in a skinny world. It takes me back to be a kid in a small town and having the only divorced mom in town. Living in Utah and not being LDS. Being a Liberal in a Conservative family. Working in a social worker field with a degree in Microbiology. You get the idea.

Now I wonder do I need a niche. Will my blog suffer without one? Do I care? I would like to say no but a do I want to have a successful blog that people enjoy reading.

So please help me...What is my niche????


  1. Dont they have nich like "life views?"

  2. One more suggestion. What about Lifestyle

  3. I struggle with this niche thing too; I wrote about it a couple of days ago thinking that processing it that way might help, but I'm still puzzling over it.

    The Day 11 task is about coming up with new posts (I have a morning off work so have been sneaking ahead!), and I've found that a quick burst of that exercise is helping to pull me into some general themes - so maybe the fog will start to clear while we're working through the project!

  4. See, this is where the "I didn't know you BLOGGED!" comment comes from. People think "blogging" means writing something cool every day that will be picked up by the Oprah show when I'm just writing. At any rate, Oprah's been canceled by herself -- fame is heavier than it looks. But, I'll take laughter from you any day of the week.

  5. Rebecca

    Someone once said to me dont you have to be an expert on something to blog. I replied I am an expert on me. LOL!!!! I am glad I make you laugh!

    Everyone thank you for the advice and updates.

  6. I'm doing the challenge as well, and I settled on "lifestyle" as my niche because I blog about many topics.
    visiting from #commenthour

  7. Lifestyle blogger is a good term that is all-encompassing.

    I'm niche-free and I love it! I write about all the things I like and I think my readers enjoy that. They like to hear an opinion on a variety of topics. I think this fits you very well.

  8. I no longer care about my niche. I am my own niche


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