Monday, August 29, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

Last Thursday did not start out as a good day for me. I was still not feeling well from my recent bout of stomach flu (more on that later). So I was not happy about getting up and going to work but did anyway.

On the drive to work I almost headed back home on several occasions but pressed on knowing once I had completed a few tasks I could go home early and curl back up in ball.

Since I was early for a meeting I ran to put gas in the car and decided to wash my windows when I flipped up the windshield wiper the plastic blade part came off...WTH!!!!!!!

Not having time to deal with it right than I went to my meeting, when I left the meeting and was driving back to the office the engine light in my car came on....Are you serious!!!!!

I was supposed to go to a farewell lunch but I was just not feeling it. I was planning on skipping it to go home early but everyone including The BF was telling me I should go but the idea of sitting around eating pizza was not sounding fun at all.

But I didn’t want to be rude. So I figure I can go pretend to eat and then after 30 minutes slip out unnoticed.

I drive to the luncheon the whole time stressing that the engine light is still on sit down start talking to people and wishing that we could move this along so I can leave when all the sudden The Ex-wife/friend places a cake in front of me that Said "Happy Birthday MJ, Good Luck Adam".

Apparently the reason everyone was so adamant that I should attend this farewell party was because it was in part a little surprise party for me organized by The Ex-wife/friend.

So I pushed away the pizza and starting eating cake. After all if you are going to be sick you might as well eat something you really like so at least you are enjoying something...right.

And just when I thought I could sneak away (I was grateful and surprised but remember the stomach flu) I giant box is placed in front of me. Now I am excited because I love gifts and this box was monstrous with pretty blue stripped wrapping paper. Which turned out to be Christmas wrapping paper because on the other side it was covered in snow flakes....I love reversible wrapping paper.

I tear in to the box and discover a bunch of children’s clothes. Okay I don’t have kids but I was told to keep digging and at the bottom I find a smaller box from Amazon. I immediately knew what this was it was a Kindle.

That’s right all my friends had contributed to get me the one gadget I fantasize about.
So thank you Liz, Penny, Karrie, Stephanie, Annette, Rae, Kevin, Andrea, Jayce, Sheyanne, Lyn, Carl and Anonymous (whoever you are). Add to it the box of books I got from my favorite cousin Dia and this birthday looking to be one of my favorite bday’s and its not even until Friday.

It ranks right up their with my 9th birthday when I had a cabbage patch kid cake and I got my first Ghetto Blaster (remember those), Michael Jackson's Off the Wall and Thriller cassette tape, the Soundtrack to Footloose and a Michael Jackson doll dressed in his outfit from the Thriller video.

My life is often good...bizarre but good.


  1. Wow, what a way to end the day. It started off pretty bad, but there was a bright spot at the end.
    I hope you enjoy the gift and are feeling better soon. ;)

  2. Yay for getting a good gift you wanted! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. I'm glad they were able to surprise you. What a cool gift. I hope that you are able to feel good soon.


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