Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OOOPPPSSSS.....My Bad!!!!

I had one extra thing I need to do this morning. Just one little thing. But it was an important thing and I forgot to do it.

What did I forget you ask....?

This morning The Ex-Wife/Friend had to be to work at 8:00AM which means she has to leave town before 7:30AM. And the "pseudo" step-daughter doesn’t have to be to school until 8:00 so she asked if she can drop her by the house and I can take her to school on my way to work. Being the awesome friend I am I agreed to help out after all the school is on my way to work and I only had to leave the house 10 minutes early.

This morning when my alarm went off instead of getting up I decided to go back to sleep. I clearly remember thinking I don’t have to be to work early today I think I will go in around 9:30 which means I get to sleep until 8:00.

At 7:09 I get a call from The Ex-Wife/Friend I groggily answer and she asked "Are you home?"

I mumble something and she says, "Your cars not out front as usual."

"Are you here," I asking sitting up in bed starting to panic because it all came rushing back. I am taking the little one to school.

The Ex-Wife/Friend says "Yup, we are I will sent Sheyanne in."

I rush downstairs and open the door for the "pseudo" step-daughter, wave bye to The Ex-Wife/Friend. Then I have a moment of OH MY GOD.....We will never be on time. Then I take a deep breath. Made sure she has eaten breakfast and send her to the family room to watch PBS (don’t judge me at least it was educational TV) while I run around getting ready for work.

I get ready minus the makeup with 5 minutes to spare. I run to the bathroom to add more hair spray (you can never have to much) and decide I need to spray "pseudo" step-daughter's hair also the out the door we go.

Drop her off at school just in time, damn I am good.

Despite getting my niece ready for school often I'm not very good at this "pseudo" step-parent thing.

Can I get back to bed now?


  1. Eeek ... glad she gave you the wake up call! :)

    Visiting from SITS :)

  2. Yay! Time to spare! So, did you go back to bed? LOL!

  3. teehee. i wouldn't be a great anything right now. i do good to get myself to work on time! ;)

  4. Don't yea just love those.. CRAP WHAT AM I FORGETTING moments! Good job on getting everything done on time!

  5. No I didnt got back to bed. Really I should be thanking my hair stylist. If my hair took me longer to do I would have been seriously late.


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