Monday, August 1, 2011

Shaping the Next Generation

It just might be possible that I am a bad influence. And worse than that I might be a bad influence on kids.

I didn't use to think so but after recent event its possible I may have been wrong about any negative influence I have on the their young little minds.

I mean just because my 8 year old niece wears 3.5 inch heels while vacuuming and tends to over accessories or my 3 year old niece only wants to wear Aunt Michael's black, blue and dark purple eye shadows, does not mean I am a bad influence on them right?

I use to think that until Friday night when I was having a particular bad day. I came home from work and decided a cocktail was in order.

I get out my shaker and proceed to mix up what I think is the almost perfect drink to name after myself when I notice my cute "pseudo" step-daughter mix herself up a little drink.
  • "Bean what are you doing?"
  • "Making a drink."
  • "Whats in the cups?"
  • "Water and ice."
  • "Why are you mixing it like that?'
  • "I like my drinks shaken not stirred."
So now I am wondering why do you people let me around your children?!!?

Seriously I should not have any influence on the young.

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