Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They Made Me Cry!!

Look at the mismatch tires
Friday was not my day.

Okay so last week was not my week and Friday was really just the day the reduced me to tears. And I am not a crier.

Let me explain.

While running errands  I decided to put gas in my car (that way I can go straight home after work) when I noticed that my front passenger tire was looking low on air AGAIN. Having some time to kill I decided to run it over to the place where I bought the tires because they will check and repair them for free.

After calling a coworker to come pick me back up I preoceed to work and wait for them to call and say hey come pick up you car.

Only that is not the call I got.

The call I got was more omnious and depressing and reduced me to tears.

You see I have a big old crack in the steel wheel/rim that is causeing my tire to go flat. And this is very dangerous. So dangerous that they refused to put the tire back on my car. Instead they put on the spare which is not a true spare is one of those little donut tires that are dangerous to drive over 50MPH or drive on them for to long.

To make matters worse it is going to cost me $128.82 to get a "new" (read used) rim.

My poor car
Then I realised that I have to drive through a canyon that is only save to drive though in the middle of the day when its sunny with a donut.

After having the break down I so rightly desereved I went to pick up my sad little car and was even more upset.

I called my mom and said "I make fun of cars that look like my car." My mother started laughing. I dont know why I think she will be sypathetic she always laughs at my trama.


  1. Oh, Michael, I really feel for you. Shop around for that rim, classifieds are great for that kinda stuff, (put the BF to use and send him to some junk yards) and when ready to buy, get two so you can throw that doughnut away.

    Good luck, and don't forget to wear a hood and large sunglasses when you drive so people can't recognize you with that doughnut. :-D

  2. My Mom laughs at my trauma sometimes too. I remember when a bf I was living with cheated on me, I called her in tears - and she went "what do you expect?!" I have never been that speechless in my life. Then after about 2 minutes she apologised. I still don't know what to think.


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