Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where has My Sanity Gone?

I'm in a total and complete funk. My chi is out of whack, my chakras are on vacation and my zen has followed Iron Maiden's advice and ran for the hills.

My thoughts are all gravitating to the negative and not the hilariousness of my life.

For example, I got my car fixed. Which should make me be doing a dance in the streets and I did for about an hour but then I drove home from work and started to imagine all sorts of crazy horrible scenarios in my head:

I am barreling though the canyon driving at the posted speed of 60-65 MPH and I swear I feel my new wheel wobbling. What if the guys at the tire place didn't put my tire on correctly, they did complete it quickly and it was lunch time, and now I am driving and my wheel is going to fly off like in some action movie and I am going to die. And the irony* is that I couldn't drive my car because the rim was unsafe and after replacing it I died anyway because of the new one.

Is this normal? Do other people imagine the same thing? Is the heat finally getting to me? Have a finally gone of my rocker? Is it time to finally get that intensive therapy? 

*Is that the correct use of irony? I can never remember. I was in school a long time ago


  1. It is very normal or I am crazy.

  2. Haha. Sanity is nice, but crazy is nice for a few minutes. Your chi and chakras will enjoy the break. Enjoy a few minutes of crazy then get back to yourself.

  3. LMAO, man you are totally in my head. It is refreshing and comforting to hear this does not only happen to me. For example the other day I'm driving to the mall, I plan on running in quick and getting out...Its slighly drizzling...nothing crazy...I continue to drive down the street and I see this older women walking in the opposite way that I'm driving...a block or two down its starts to come down harder...I'm like I should give this woman a ride home or to where ever she's going. But then I flash forward and I think this woman will probably think i'm trying to hurt her and as I approach her house she's going to stab me or something; so I keep driving but then I feel bad so I'm still heading to the mall and I think oh I'll be quick and if she's still walking when I drive back I'll definitely stop. I go in the mall and a quick trip turns into a few hours :/ I completely forget about the woman. But I remember when I pull into my drive way. I start thinking because I didn't turn around, this little old lady was soaked to the bone, got home and caught pneumonia and if I had just gone back and given her a ride it would have been avoided...... sigh're not alone

    stopping by Chasing Joy's FBF ...yes I am a little late


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