Friday, August 5, 2011

Where is that Other Shoe?

Last night I figured out what is wrong with me. Why I am in this temporary funk.

Its cause I am CRAZY!!!!!

Not the she needs to be locked away crazy or I am dangerous to anyone crazy but definitely crazy.

I was home relaxing with The BF and the "pseudo" step-kids and while we were enjoying Discovery channels Shark week I realized that I am waiting for something bad to happen (sharks attacking people will do that to you). Everything is going to good something bad has to be lurking? Like any minute now a great white shark is going to swim up and bite off my foot while I am watching TV.

See that is crazy!!!!

Do I really belief a shark will be swimming in my family room? No!

But I am waiting for some drama or tragedy to unfold right before my eyes.

Is it from years of watching horror movies?

Is it due to the fact that I read to many mysteries/suspense books in my life?

Maybe I have watched to many Lifetime movies.

It could be my teenage love of Shakespearean dramas (except Romeo and Juliet that play is stupid) is to blame.

I need to stop worrying and enjoy my life again.


  1. You do need to stop worrying and start enjoying your life more. Or you could worry about my monthly crap going on and the lack of chocolate in my house may make me stab someone with a broken spork. See, then you have something new to worry about and I can try to stop thinking about it. Or, you could just go with the first thing again. That's what I would do. *big smiles* Hope you have a good Friday

  2. It is tough to not worry so much, but sometimes you just have to find a happy place. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

  3. Debi and I were just talking about how stupid Romeo and Juliet is.


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