Friday, September 16, 2011

Im So Over Facebook

I use to love Facebook. I would spent hours and hours talking to friends and playing games. It was an addiction.

In fact up to about a month ago I still loved Facebook but I have since become less and less enchanted with it.

A month ago The BF got a smart phone and now is on Facebook often. He didn't use to do this. In fact if he was on Facebook chance are it was because I logged into his account for some reason or another (With his approval of course). So The BF never know what I was saying on Facebook or posting but now that he has his new fancy smart phone he is always checking status of friends and family and ME.

This is not a big deal I don't post the details of our disagreements or our intimate life on Facebook that's why I have a blog. But I do post a link to my blog and now he reads my blog.

Now I feel like I have to monitor myself and reread what I write to see if he might misunderstand my dry witty humor. I don't want to start a fight because I was a smart ass on my blog one day.

So honey if you are reading this please stop reading my blog, its making me paranoid.

Thank goodnees we have Google+ now.
P.S. I love you baby.


  1. I don't use my personal FB acct too much either.
    I think if you both have open communication about things you will be fine.
    If he is reading your blog posts more often it can actually be a good thing.

  2. oh thank goodness I'm not the only one that feel this way. There once was a time DH hated FB, now he's on it more than I am and I find myself monitoring what I say (shhh he doesn't know about my blog... yet)

  3. My ex actually unfriended me on FB today, He has gotten mad about a couple of my tweets and he isn't on Twitter!

  4. Oh no, don't abandon Facebook because of that! But seriously, I understand. My sisters are the same way with their bfs and hubbies. I'm not because thankfully, my hubby is very anti-facebook! LOL At least you have Twitter, right?

  5. Ah, yes, the downside of writing about yourself. My husband knows I'm going to publicly rake HIM over the coals, but I try to be careful of other people (especially my sister, who also has a blog and can easily retaliate).

  6. I often find I have the same problem, only rather than being worried about what I say about the Ranger. I am more worried about my mother seeing what I write! ACK!returning the love from #commenthour

  7. I still love FB I'm one of those people whose on it 24/7. I don't have a BF at the moment so for now I am not too worried.

  8. Mine is all business. In fact most people get sick of hearing about what I have to say. If the hubs sneaks a peak...well there is nothing to see. But you shouldnt have to feel paranoid! haha

  9. LOL! you are too funny! This post seriously made me chuckle. Glad to be your newest follower! Found you over on twitter. :)
    Robyn from

  10. The BF ans I had a conversation about how I am mostly a smart ass and sarcastic and you cant take most things I say serious. He is mostly good humored about it because I make myself look crazy.


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