Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vampires and Skinny Jeans

My sister (the Health Nut)is nuts and is currently blaming me for stuff I have no control over.

It all started one night when I received a text from her

  • Sister: Remember in the eighties how woman would use hangers to get their skin tight jeans on?
  • Me: Yea why?
  • Sister: I bought bay some "super skinny" jeans and it reminded me of that when I helped her get them on. Plus I had to take then off her.It was hilarious. And there was these other jeans that had holes in them and she wanted them and I said "baylei they r the most expensive pants here" and she says "yea mom because they are the most awesome pants here." this is your fault
  • Me: Take back the skinny ones she wont be able to go the bathroom by herself at school....and I cant help it if she reads fashion magazines.
  • Sister: I told her we should get a bigger size and she threw a fit saying they fit perfect and this si the "style mom". Boot cut are "out of style.
  • Me: I just saw a spread in my new fashion mag and WIDE leg flairs are currently in
1. See look I am being helpful and giving her alternatives
  • Sister: Yea explain that to my 8 yr old that looks at cosmo and says skinny jeans r in. I hate ur guts I am raising a cheerleader.
  • Me: I dnt read cosmo I read Instyle and Marie Claire. And I was nvr a cheerleader.
  • Sister: Well I read MMA Magazine so she gets this shit from u.
  • Me: I dnt even know what MMA is
  • Sister: Ugh....
  • Me: What....am I suppose to do? 
2. Again being helpful
  • Sister: And she wanted dark colors. No bright colors at all. Because of your vampire book. Grays, Blacks, and blues. Thats all.
  • Me: Vampires wear red and purple also...she does it cause it annoys u
3. Again I was being helpful.

Ok I will take responsibility for the vampire stuff but she likes to read and she would read the 1st few pages of my books so she could learn more words. This was when she was in kindergarten. What am I suppose to do discourage her reading? I made sure there was nothing bad in those few pages. And thats good right? I know what she was reading.

But a couple of days later she calls me up and without saying anything else she says, "You and I are fighting and you dont even know it." 

She proceeds to tell me its all my fault

Honestly I was nice to my sister I could tell she was under stress what I could have said was...

Excuse me!!! Its my fault??? I remember you always having to look a certain way when you were little and I use to have to get you up before I left for school to do your hair and you always wanted to have perfume on and wear my earring. I cant even count the number of times you lost my earrings because you borrowed them with out asking. And you are still borrowing my accessories with out asking which just proves that she gets it from you and you get it from me. So there.


My life would have been so much easier if I had been an only child.


  1. Hmmmm...have a feeling I'll be having this conversation with MY sister in a few years...

    Hello from a fellow SITS Girl.

  2. Hilarious! You were very helpful. I have never understood skinny jeans. I think they make everyone's butt look big. Then again, maybe that's the attraction? The Beyonce J Lo butt?

  3. OMG so funny. Skinny jeans even my little gkido has them.. #SITSclass love

  4. Sisters can be royal pains in the butt sometimes, can't they?!?!?!?

  5. I have 3 daughters! I don't want to hear about sister hatin' LOL. I have one brother and I know for sure life would have been better without him!

  6. UGH!! I only have one sister - but four girls - and i have a feeling they will be having MANY convo's like this in the years ahead! I am still LOL at the visual of using hangers to get skinny jeans on!
    Hi from #commenthour

  7. I het freguent texts that say things like Baylei/Ashton is acting just like you or its all your fault or I hate you. The last ones are my favorite. I am sure that if I had a daughter she would be just like my sister...its one of the reasons I dont want kids.


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