Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did You Really Just Say That.

Sometimes I, like most of the world, am a little embarrassed by my family.

I am not talking that teenage mortification you get when your mom starts dancing around the Christmas village, its more a long the lines of did you seriously just say that how are we even related.

This happens often when talking to my mom about clothes and I am describing a scarf I want to buy and she says don't you have enough scarves. Its like she doesn't know me at all. Or its when your Baby Sister is looking at pictures on your phone and says do you just go into stores and take pictures of shoes. Well duh of course I do.

Or even more importantly when your Health Nut Sister calls and asks:

  • Sister: Who sings the song More than Words?
  • Me: Extreme...wait (pause to verify the information in my head). Yes its Extreme.
  • Sister: Are you sure its not Eric Clampton or the Eagles.?
Really did she just ask me if I was sure?

I am slightly sadden that she did not know that song...I have obviously failed as an older sister. Its even a bigger fail that she thought it was Clampton.

But the biggest tragedy here is that she questioned if my answer is right. Please!!!! Of course I was right. I admit I don't know everything. Or even know most things. But something I am well versed in and that's music that was popular when I was a teenager.

And this is not the first time I have received calls like this. One time she was out to dinner with her girls when a song was playing and she sent me a text saying she was mad I was not there cause she knew I would know the song playing. I told her to text me the lyrics she remembered and she was right. I knew the song.

So why did she challenge my answer...she was having a friendly argument with her BF and she didn't want to be wrong.


  1. I think family and friends often challenge us the most. Why? I have no idea.....


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