Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Thoughts with No Adventure

Life got very quite and I have nothing new or outrage to talk about so I thought I would just share some of the random thoughts running through my head right now:

I hope I have enough food in my house to feed three 14 year old boys. I hate stuffed animals. Is my hair to spiky? I wonder what my grandma is doing. I want a new purse.I hate when its really cold but sunny outside. Should I put gas in my car today or on Monday?  What do you get a 14 year old boy for his birthday or St.Patricks day or Easter? Does my boss know I am blogging and not working right now. I don't like that person I am going to pretend zombies are eating their brains. I need to take stuff to my mom and my sister after work. I am already to tired to think today.  I should have worn my red shoes again today. I am hungry I wonder what the Ex-Wife/Friend is making for lunch. Oh The BF is calling be right back....don't forget to tell him to get chips and pizza for dinner. What book should I read next? I don't want to do paperwork. People in this town scare me a lot. I wonder if The BF would agree to do a family portrait with us and the kids. i NEED A NEW HOBBY.  I think its suppose to snow on Saturday. I don't like snow it messes up my plans.  i like shiny things. I should really do my paperwork.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. In school we used to be asked to do these - they called them "streams of consciousness". I always liked them, so... I may steal this idea for my blog!

    {{ stopping by from SITS }}

  2. LOL, this looks like my head on a daily basis!:) Very fun, I might have to do this one day.


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