Friday, March 30, 2012

I am Ready for my Retirement Community

Wednesday night I stayed up a little later than normal.

After a day of being exhausted and cranky I am wondering why do I still stay up late doing things.

I am not ready to retire but getting 4 hours of sleep and then getting up and going to work does not work for me ant more.

Remember the good old days when you would stay up until 4 in the morning then get up at 7 go to work and be fine?

What happened to those days?

Now if I get less than a good 7 hours of sleep (can you tell I don't have kids) I am barely functional the next day.

When did this start happening?

Was it when I turned 30, 35 25, 27?

I really am tired right now...I think its time for my nap.


  1. unfortunately age caught up with us MJ. I remember going to school/work on lots of caffeine and nothing else. Now I'm the same way you are... can't function without a good nights sleep

    1. Please I am still young. I have no idea what I was talking about in this post. lol.

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