Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is it Really Thankful Thursday Already?

I am not a spring chicken anymore. I'm not exactly on my death bed either. Although I do feel like I am today.

I am going to have a busy busy day. Its is going to be a very full work day and then at some point I have to drive to Salt Lake City to go pick my uncle up from the airport, after that its back home for quality time with The BF and the "pseudo" step-kids...this is not helping me feel any more energetic.

In fact I am more tired than ever. Especially now that I am looking at my work to do list. When did it get so LONG???

To be honest I have no idea why I wrote some of these things down. I really need to start writing down complete sentences rather than just a few key words. I cant make sense of what I was thinking about 5 minutes ago let alone what I was thinking about 24 hours ago.

Enough of the pity party....its Thursday and its time to be Thankful. 
Uncle Willie

  1. My Uncle Willie is coming to visit (hence the trip to the airport).....YEAH!!!! 
  2. I have had a lot of work place validation this week from the those who make the big decisions.
  3. My wrist is starting to feel better.
  4. My hair looks amazing today (which is good I am getting my picture taken for my ID badge).
  5. I'm wearing pink and that always makes me happy. 
  6. I lost 2lbs.

Wish me luck!!!!


  1. You are so wonderful! You're like a breath of fresh air! Thank you for being you! Enjoy your day of pink and good hair! :)

  2. Great job losing go girl! :)
    Good hair days are certainly the BEST days everrr :)
    Happy your wrist is feeling better!
    Have fun with your uncle this weekend!

    Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursday <3 Hope to see you next week!!


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