Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Woman on the Edge?

I like to pretend that I am often a woman on the edge of jumping into the abyss at any moment.

I like to pretend that I am crazy, even though I more weird than crazy.

I know this because of my job I have worked those that are really mentally ill.

But its fun to pretend that I am going lose my grip on reality. (The BF will arguing I never had it to begin with) but I wonder why I think its so much fun.

Is it because its a funnier way to live all crazy? No, I love my daily routines. I may act a little crazy but I like boring and predictable. I think when life throws rocks at you the routines helps you get out of bed in the morning and making pancakes on Sunday morning.

I think its just because it gives me an excuse to be weird and the "pseudo" step-kids can look at me like I am nuts. And if I am not going to be the mean evil "pseudo" step-mom (I tried it but according to the "pseuso" step-daughter I am not good at being mean) I can least be the weird "pseudo" step-mom.

The crazy lady dad lives with that says things like there is no such thing as Bigfoot but Chupacabra is real.  Its okay to have pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner just don't tell dad. When in doubt always add more hairspray!!!!!

At least I am not the boring "pseudo" Step-mom.

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