Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That's What She Said

Last night as I was getting ready for a bed I received a text from the Ex-wife/friend.

  • So do people just never hurt your feeling or r u just really good at pretending it doesn't cause right now I'm wishing I was more like you.
This mad me sad for my friend, after she told me her story I was angry at the people of this world for being so openly judgmental and rude to someone that if they took a moment to know is a very kind and compassionate person.

Yup....I just said The BF's Ex-wife/friend was a kind and compassionate woman. I am lucky I get to say that.

Today we were talking about what happened and we all started laughing because of all the people she knows I was the one she texted first to help her feel better.

That's right she gets to say I look to my Ex-Husband's new Girlfriend for advice and to cheer me up.

Sometimes I forget I am not the only one who gets to make funny statements about our relationship. She gets to say equally crazy and bizarre statements.

To be honest we think its hilarious when people ask how I meet The BF and I point to her and say she set me up with her Ex-Husband. I really need to start taking pictures of their faces.

The BF just pretends the whole thing is normal.


  1. hmm I guess I should start making friends with happily divorced ladies so they can hook me up with their ex-men. lol

    1. Good luck my friend...Im not sure it works this way all the time. :)

  2. I think this is wonderful!

    My ex's ex-wife is one of my dearest friends. We call each other, "wife in law," in fact. I used to just say, "Hey, the guy's got good taste in wives!"

    Tui, from #commenthour


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