Friday, April 13, 2012

Why Can't Stylish be a Virtue?

Earlier this month I talked about not being patient at home especially with The BF. I have being trying each day not to lose my temper and remain calm. I don't know how well I am doing in The BF's and my family's point of view...I think I am failing miserably

I really wish things I am good at and come easily were virtues...I know nothing worth having comes easy but it would be nice if at least one came easy to me.

  • Chasity:  I am living with The BF and don't refrain from intoxicants. Although I do believe in cleanliness of self.
  • Temperance: HAHAHAHAHA...self control and me. That's funny!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  • Charity: I believe in charity but I have been very bad and lazy about it in the last years!!!
  • Diligence: I am lazy. I do things only because I have to and I procrastination a lot...A LOT!!!!
  • Patience: We already know how well I do this one.
  • Kindness: This I am good least I think I am a kind and empathetic with resentment or bias
  • Humility: I give respect but I am not modest nor am I selfless.
I just realized this road is going to be harder than I is when I usually give up and run away.

Oh wait I just want to be more patient with my Family and The as long as I am more patient than I have been in the past its a total win.

I don't want to cultivate the other virtues so I really am ahead of the game right now. Score one for me.

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