Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silver Lining and an Oil Change

I am having a pretty good week...I got back from an awesome vacation to find out my car was fixed!!!! OH YEAH!!!!

Even better the mechanics were able to rebuild my engine instead of replacing the whole thing, saving me a little money. 

And even though it has cost me a pretty pretty penny or 299,202 pennies to be exact but it is fixed and to be honest running better than it use to run. 

So I am looking at the positive now. 

My car is a 2005 model and only had basic upkeep...oil changes and new tires so it probably needed a lot of things replaced sooner rather than later. And while it would have been economically easier to to have them fixed one at a time my car would have been in the shop a lot and that would have been frustrating to me. This way its all done at once and while I was on vacation. 

Now I have been thinking my brakes are still good but maybe I should look at replacing them...they are not new and probably the next thing to need replacing. 

Here is the list of what needed to be replaced and or fixed.
  • Spark Plugs (The BF had offered to replace this for me, I just had not bought new ones)
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Serpentine Belt (This actually needed to be replaced sooner rather than later)
  • Water Pump
  • Cheveron Dexcool Antifreeze
  • Head Gasket Set
  • Head Bold Set
  • Timing Belt Set
  • Intake Valves
  • Exhaust Valves
  • Red Label Valves and Guides
  • Valve Guides
  • Cylinder Head Rebuild
  • Install and Size 8 Exhaust Valve Guide
  • WIX Protec Oil Filter
  • Oil Change (which was over due by a few 100 miles)
Car maintenance is important please don't be the dumb girl I was by not reading, at least the maintenance guide in, your owners manual

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  1. I say definately get your breaks checked. That way you can just get new pads and not have to replace the rotors like I had to do this week. I do feel better about my cost after reading yours. But 34000 pennies is not so bad.


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