Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Momma Loves a Stick Shift

Do you ever have a random thought that leads to a whole conversation in your head?

Not like you are talking to yourself...okay maybe a little. Its more like you have one thought that leads to another and then you have a memory and then you have a whole flush of memories.

I'm sure you do have those moments were you mind is free to wonder around...although if you are having that moment like I did driving 65MPH through a dangerous canyon, then like me you need to stop doing that and pay attention. There is construction with big trucks and workers all over the road....gees girl.

In my defense my thoughts were about cars and driving it went something like this:

  • I miss driving a stick shift
  • Do they even make stick shifts anymore?
  • Do they even teach kids how to drive them in drivers ed now days?
  • I would traded my car in for a new modern stick shift that would be cool.
  • Does everyone say stick shift? Do other countries call a manual transmission something else?
  • Hee Hee I still drive like I'm driving a stick shift. One hand on the gear shift. One foot looking for the clutch.
  • I miss my first car. It was a P.O.S.* but a cool P.O.S. because it was a stick.
  • That car took a beating and keep on ticking.
This train of thought lead to a bunch of memories about my first car.

It was a great first car. The car was almost as old as I was...blue 1978 Toyota Corolla. I wish I had pictures to show you. It was a box on wheels. I often drove it around like it was a race car.

It was my grandmas car for years until she got in a fender bender, then it was my dads car, then it was mine all mine. *insert evil laughter* Sorry, I was challenging my evil twin there for a moment. I drove the car around for a few years until I decided  to roll it 3 times on the interstate. What can I say I was bored that day. Even after that it still started. I briefly considered driving it still but I managed to smash all the glass out of the windows and "moosh" down the top...so it really wasn't drivable.

That's what I thought about today.  What were your random thought about today?

*Just in case you are not familiar with this term P.O.S. means piece of shit. It is often used when referring to junky cars. I use it as a term of enderament I loved my car.


  1. My thoughts went something like this.

    What's P.O.S?
    Must be a type of car.
    Oh waith the care is a Toyota Corolla.
    So What's P.O.S?
    LOL P.O.S. is code for pooh.


    1. LOL....thats really funny. After I used the term P.O.S. I started wondering if it really is a regional term...no I know. And knowing is half the battle.


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