Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Is Today a Holiday?

Today I have been thinking of traditions...which makes perfect sense because its the Fourth of July.

It all started when I woke up all by myself this morning. Yup I am all alone on this National Holiday (more on this tomorrow) and I wondered what would I be doing if my family was here.

Then I realized that we dont really have in traditions for this day any more. 

Once upon a time we would go to my grandparents (who live in a smaller town then my small town); watch the parade, eat whatever grandpa cooked on the grill, light illegal firecrackers, then watching the fireworks. 

Then as we got older I would hang out with friends and doing whatever seemed fun at the time and then watch fireworks...sometimes with friends, sometimes with family.

But as I got older I stopped doing a whole lot on the Fourth of July...sometimes it was because I was working. Other times I just had nothing to do because I lived far from friends and family.

Some where along the way it just became another day.

That sounds like I don't care about celebrating the birth of the country or I am ambivalent to the freedoms I enjoy. Which is not true. I come from a line of people who have served in the armed forces and very much aware of the reasons why my ancestors came to America. I am just not sure how to celebrate especially since I am on my own right now.

Well now that I have rambled on and you are all this girl is a bit pathetic, I would like to say very sincerely have a great and safe Fourth of July.

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